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The following is a test for determining one's dosha-type. There are seven possible dosha-types: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vata-Pitta, Vata-Kapha, Pitta-Kapha, all doshas balanced [Sama Prakriti]. This test has three sections, one for each dosha. Fill in each section and add up the totals to arrive at a score for each one of the doshas.


0 to 2 = Doesn't apply to me

3 to 4 = Applies sometimes or to some extent

5 to 6 = Practically always applies to me


Think carefully about each answer. If there is doubt what to answer, put a score which would apply for most of your life or at least for the last few years.



Does not Applies Applies

Apply Sometimes Most

0 1 2 3 4 5 6


1. I am hyperactive by nature usually I do things quickly.

2. I learn and forget quickly.

3. I am generally enthusiastic and vivacious.

4. I have a thin physique.

5. I don't gain weight easily.

6. I walk quickly and lightly.

7. I tend to have difficulty making decisions.

8. I am often constipated.

9. I tend to have cold hands and feet.

10. I am frequently anxious or nervous.

11. Cold weather bothers me more than most people.

12. I speak quickly and I'm talkative.

13. I am emotional by nature and my mood often changes.

14. I often have disturbed sleep

15. My skin is dry, especially in the winter.

16. I have an active, restless, and imaginative mind.

17. My energy tends to come in bursts.

18. I tend to quickly use up or spend whatever energy or money I have.

19. My eating and sleeping habits tend to be irregular.

20. My appetite is variable.




Does not Applies Applies

Apply Sometimes Most

0 1 2 3 4 5 6


1.       I am usually efficient.

2.       I tend to be extremely precise and orderly.

3.       I am strong-minded and have a somewhat forceful manner.

4.       I feel uncomfortable or become easily fatigued in hot weather.

5.       I perspire easily.

6.       Even though I might not always show it, I become irritable or angry quite easily.

7.       If I skip a meal or a meal is delayed, I become uncomfortable.

8.       One or more of the following characteristics describes my hair: early greying or balding thin, fine,   straight hair blond, red or sandy colored hair

9.        I have a strong appetite.

10.   I like to set goals for myself and then try to achieve them.

11.   I am very regular in my bowel habits. It would be more common for me to have loose stools than to  be constipated.

12.   I become impatient very easily.

13.   I tend to be a perfectionist about details.

14.   I get angry quite easily, but then quickly forget about it.

15.   I am very fond of cold foods like ice cream and also ice-cold drinks.

16.   I am more likely to feel that a room is too hot than too cold.

17.   I don't tolerate foods that are very hot and spicy.

18.   I am not as tolerant of disagreement as I should be.

19.   I enjoy challenges. When I want something I am very determined in my efforts to get it.

20.   I tend to be quite critical of others and also of myself.




Does not Applies Applies

Apply Sometimes Most

0 1 2 3 4 5 6


1. I do things in a slow and relaxed fashion.

2. I gain weight easily and lose it slowly.

3. I am quiet by nature and usually only talk when necessary.

4. I can skip meals easily without any significant discomfort.

5. I have a tendency toward excess mucus, phlegm, chronic congestion, asthma, or sinus problems.

6. I must get at least eight hours of sleep in order to be comfortable the next day.

7. I sleep very deeply.

8. I am calm by nature and not easily angered.

9. I don't learn as quickly as some people, but I have excellent retention and a long memory.

10. I eat slowly.

11. Weather that is cool and damp bothers me.

12. My hair is thick, dark, and wavy.

13. I have smooth, soft skin with a somewhat pale complexion.

14. I have a large, solid body build.

15. I am calm by nature.

16. I have slow digestion, which makes me feel heavy after eating.

17. I have very good stamina and physical endurance as well as a steady level of energy.

18. I generally walk with a slow measured gait.

19. I am usually groggy upon awakening, and am generally slow to get going in the morning.

20. I usually do things slowly and methodically.




Final Score: VATA _____ PITTA _____ KAPHA _____


If one score is much higher than the others that is your prominent dosha. That dosha will be most evident in your constitution if its score is at least twice as high as the next highest dosha. Still, if any dosha is higher it can be accepted as the prominent dosha.


If the scores for two doshas are nearly identical then you are a two dosha person. For example, Vata (76), Pitta (73) and, Kapha (45) then you have a Vata-Pitta constitution.


If all are equal then you have a balanced constitution, which is rare. Better to take the test again and answer more carefully.


If your qualities are always changing, for example if you alternate between constipation and diarrhea, it is probably due to a disturbance in Vata-dosha.




This Āyurveda  Body  Type test was recommended by H.H. Prahlāda Nanda Swāmī Mahārāja since 2006 year.





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